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Interloc IXS Extension Shanks


Troy Industries powerful quick-change modular tooling products allows the user to combine and interchange various lengths & cutter heads with one another.  The modular design of these IXS shanks also allows you to combine these shanks to Interloc holders or standard Weldon Flat holders. 

Interloc IXS Extension Shank have both Interloc and weldon flat connections on it.  Which gives you the benefit to connect with Interloc tooling holders or any standard weldon flat tooling holders.

Conical locking screws that

drive into Interloc notches

The screw forces are at opposite sides pushing the connections at different directions & making it more concentric.

(No Air Pocket Unlike Competitor Holders)

Uses Flat screw types to lock in place.
The screw forces are also on the same
side pushing the extension at the same
direction making it less concentric

Typical Weldon Flat Holders do not have
grinded surfaces at the bottom.  When the
two surfaces do not bottom out it leaves
an air pocket making the tool less rigid.

Interloc IXS Extension shanks are also modular allowing infinite amount of tooling combinations. With ability of short or long reach cutting applications

Tapered Or Straight Shank Available

(Air Pocket)

Standard Weldon Flat Connections

Interloc Connection System

CAT Holder

Weldon Flat 
CAT Holder

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