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Old world craftsmanship, together with modern tooling technology builds the foundation at Troy industries.  Experience in providing tooling in a variety of applications is the key.  Indexable tooling along with checking fixtures and details combine to make up our capabilities.


Designing and building new tools is rapidly becoming a major portion of our business.  Our ability to work with process and tool engineers helps provide you with a productive solution to nearly any application.  Communication and the exchange of ideas between Troy and plant engineering has worked time and time again.


Precision and accuracy goes into each tool produced.  Regardless of whether it’s new or rebuilt, extra care has been built in.  In the repair of special tools a print is requested in order to restore the tool to its original condition.  It has been proven that our rebuilt tool holders not only look like new, they perform equally as well.  The repair of serrated blade tools and indexable insert tools can provide you with significant cost savings.  Modification to existing or standard tools may also be an economical solution to solving your tooling needs.


Troy Industries can build custom tooling to your specifications.  We offer a complete line of face mill and end cap style attachments.  Also, we can provide HSK and other adapters for high speed machining.  Please give us a call we are willing to quote any type of special tooling.



Alter your existing weldon flat or cylindrical shank indexable tools to be compatible with Troy Industries Modular Interloc System.  Troy Industries powerful quick-change modular tooling products allows the user to combine and interchange various lengths & cutter heads with each other.  The modular design of the “Interloc Drive System” gives you many benefits:


●  Build & create your unique custom tools with standard stock items

●  A wide range of cutterheads, extensions, adapters, & holders available

●  Create numerous long and short tooling lengths

●  Infinite amount of modular tooling combinations

Go Modular & Convert To The Interloc System

Why convert, because it allows you to save time and money by giving your existing cutter long or short reach capabilities.  No need to repurchase that cutter in a special length or size.



Standard Weldon Flat

Indexable Cutter

"No Modular Connection"


Standard Weldon Flat

Indexable Cutter Altered

With Interloc Connection

"Modular Connection"


Use Troy Industries modular Interloc indexable cutting tools or convert your existing indexable tooling to the modular Interloc System.  

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