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Modular Tooling

Modular Tooling

Troy Industries products are powerful quick-change modular tooling allowing the user to combine and interchange various tooling components with one another.

Indexable Cutting Tools

Indexable Cutting Tools

A wide range of modular indexable cutting tools for numerous types of cutting applications.

Hollow Foam Cutters

Hollow Foam Cutters

Troy Industries “Great White” Modular Hollow Foam Cutters are design for suction milling of Sytrofoam, Polystyrene, and Polyurethane.

Tooling Accessories

Tooling Accessories

A variety of modular extensions, holders, inserts, adapters, & etc. available in stock.

Custom Tooling

Custom Tooling

Troy Industries can build custom tooling to your specifications and also offers tooling repair on all major brands of cutting tools or special made tools.

Machining Services

Machining Services

Troy Industries offers fast on time quality machining services guaranteeing our customers the best competitive pricing around.

A powerful quick-change modular tooling system allowing the user to combine and interchange various shank lengths & cutter heads with one another Click To Learn More:



A modular flange mount with a Solid Triple contact that attaches onto your CAT50 spindle.  Interloc Rigid System uses the Interloc modular tooling system allowing you interchange various tooling combinations. Click To Learn More:​


Ultra Fit Holders will auto adjust to your CAT40 or CAT50 spindle allowing no gap on the gage line creating a Solid Dual Contact with the spindle taper and face. Click To Learn More:​


Tooling Systems
Tooling Products

A wide range of modular indexable cutting tools. 
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Variety of modular extenstions, holders, & adapters in different sizes and lengths.

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Troy Industries “Great White” modular hollow foam cutters for milling foam casting molds.

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Assortment of indexable carbide inserts for various cutting applications. 

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Troy Industries products are powerful quick-change modular tooling allowing the user to combine and interchange various lengths & cutter heads with each other. This modular design gives you long reach tooling capabilities, helps speed up production, and decrease tooling costs. You can also rely on better and longer insert life, stocked inventory of various tooling, and friendly customer service with Troy Industries. Troy Industries also specializes in specialty/custom cutting tools and prototypes, we will gladly build a custom tool to print.

Benefits of Troy Ind.



Powerful Quick Change Tooling

● Modular & Indexable Tooling

● Helps Speed Production & Quality

● Helps Decrease Tooling Costs

● Better & Longer Insert Life

● Friendly Customer Service

● On-Time Delivery

● Design & Build Specialty Tooling

● Alteration of Standard Tooling

● Rebuild & Repair of Tooling

● CNC Turning & Milling Services

● 3D Contour Machining

● Fixtures & Prototypes

Other Specialties



100% Made

USA Products


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