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50mm Cutting Diameter 4 Flute With 15mm Corner Radius Hollow Foam Cutter Tip


  • Product Overview:

    Part #: TFC-50-R15

    50mm Cutting Diameter

    4 Flute With 15mm Corner Radius Cutter Head

    Benefits of Troy Industries Hollow Foam Cutters:

    ● Hollow Design Great for Suction Milling

    ● Dynamically Balanced & Concentric With Precision Cutting Accuracy

    ● High Helix, Multi-Flute, & Double Cutting Edge Design For Smoother Cuts

    ● Excellent Milling Surface Quality & Softer Cutting Noises

    ● Modular Design: Interchangeable Cutter Shanks & Tips

    ● Superior Strength & wear resistance For Long Lasting Tooling Life

    ● Harden with an additional special Ion Nitriding (Up to 60+

    ● Rigid & Strong Modular Design Built To Last


    Hollow Foam Cutters are design for suction milling for hollow spindles with a built in vacuum system in them but also can be used by machines with an external vacuum system as well.

    Bottom of the cutter tip has a M50 connection that allows you to interchange your tip to various cutter shanks having a F50 connection.

    View specifications for more details

    3D File of Tool Available For CAM Software's

    All products are brand new and never been used

    100% American Made Products
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