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Modular 78/8 Disc-Flange Hollow Hollers With F150 Connection


  • Product Overview:

    Modular 78/8 Disc-Flange

    Part #: MFH-F150-600

    Holder Length: 152.40mm

    Holder has a F150 Connection which connects with any shank with a M150 Connection

    Benefits of Troy Industries Hollow Foam Cutters:

    ● Hollow Design Great for Suction Milling

    ● Dynamically Balanced & Concentric With Precision Cutting Accuracy

    ● High Helix, Multi-Flute, & Double Cutting Edge Design For Smoother Cuts

    ● Excellent Milling Surface Quality & Softer Cutting Noises

    ● Modular Design: Interchangeable Cutter Shanks & Tips

    ● Superior Strength & wear resistance For Long Lasting Tooling Life

    ● Harden with an additional special Ion Nitriding (Up to 60+

    ● Rigid & Strong Modular Design Built To Last


    Hollow Foam Cutters are design for suction milling for hollow spindles with a built in vacuum system in them but also can be used by machines with an external vacuum system as well.
    View specifications for more details

    3D File of Tool Available For CAM Software's

    All products are brand new and never been used

    100% American Made Products
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