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Troy Industries Inc. Modular IXS Straight Extension Shanks (Compatible 0.750” Diameter Weldon Flat Holders)

5.750” Overall Straight Extension Length (With Interloc F75 Connection On Top of Shank)


  • Troy Industries Inc. Modular IXS Straight Extensions Shanks:

    Product Overview:

    5.750” Overall Length IXS Interloc Straight Shank

    Modular 0.750” Diameter Weldon Flat Straight Shank With A 5.750” Overall Extension Length Including The Interloc Connection System On Top and Bottom of the Shank

    The Shanks bottom portion is capable to go with any 0.750” Weldon Flat Holders or any 0.750” Interloc Shank Holders.

    The Shanks top portion is modular and will connect to any cutter head, adapter, extension, reducer with a M75 Interloc Connection.

    Part #: IXS-F75S-575U


    Interloc F75 modular connections are compatible with any Interloc M75 modular connections

    View specifications for more details.

    IXS Shanks can be balanced or have coolant thru capabilities please contact us for this option.

    3D File of Tool Available For CAM Software's

    All products are brand new and never been used.

    100% American Made Products

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