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rand New HSK63A Holder With M10 Modular Screw-In Thread 2.36" Gage Line Reach Balance 20,000 RPM's

Manufacturer: Troy Industries Inc.
Made in USA,

Product application

  • This tool holder accepts all threaded screw-in indexable milling cutter which are often called modular indexable tooling, screw in or threaded shank cutter
  • Precision ground flat on the shoulder and internal pilot diameter that will self center the threaded indexable cutter
  • By accepting right-hand thread cutter into the tool holder, apply cutting force onto the cutter would increase the bond between the cutter and the tool holder
  • Runout is less than .0001" from taper to pilot bore
  • Made from alloy steel hardened to 54-60 HRc 

HSK63A M10 Screw-In Threaded Tool Holder 2.36" Gage Line Reach

$140.00 Regular Price
$98.00Sale Price
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