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1/16" corner radius CDEW Insert With TI-8J carbide grade and coating


  • 10 Qty of 0.0625 Inch Radius CDEW-324-TI-8J (Carbide J-Polish Inserts)

    Product Overview:

    Insert Part #: CDEW-324-TI-8J (CDEW inserts have a flat top surface design)

    Set includes quantity of 10 inserts with Troy Industries TI-8J carbide grade and coating

    TI-8J is a J-Polish General Purpose Milling Grade Insert For Machining Aluminum, Kirksite, & Remboard

    Inserts are J-Polished and have no coating on them.

    Inserts have a 0.0625” (1/16) Inch Radius on them, 0.125” thick, and are made from a high quality carbide.

    Inserts fit onto any Troy Industries CDEW indexable cutting tools

    All inserts are brand new and never been used.

    View specifications for more details


    All Troy Industries CDEW inserts have a precision ground cutting edge. Not like your typical insert where the cutting edge is just pressed and not ground after. Having this ground edge gives Troy Industries inserts a stronger and more precision cutting edge and can be used from roughing, semi-finishing, & finishing applications.

    All Troy Industries CDEW Inserts are 100% American Made
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