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0.375" (3/8") Inch Cutting Diameter 1 Flute Indexable Detail Cutter

Cutter Uses: CDEW-834 Inserts


  • Product Overview:

    0.375" (3/8") Inch Cutting Diameter 1 Flute Indexable Detail Cutters

    Cutter Uses: CDEW-834 Inserts

    Part #: 38-CDE-60

    Overall Length of 6.000"

    Shank Diameter 3/8" (0.375")

    Troy Industries Indexable Detail Cutters are Indexable cutters with smaller cutting diameters available in 3/8”, 1/2”, & 5/8” cutting diameter sizes with a back-draft for superior finishes. Great for semi-finishing to finishing applications where smaller cutting diameters are need for deep narrow pockets, contour milling, & left over machining

    View specifications for more details

    Indexable Detail Cutters can be balanced or have coolant thru capabilities please contact us for this option.

    3D File of Tool Available For CAM Software's

    All products are brand new and never been used.

    100% American Made Products
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