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CAT 40 Interloc Non-Shank Type Holder

CAT 40 Holder With F75 Interloc Connection (2.750" From Gage Line)

CAT 40 Interloc Non-Shank Type Holder


Product #: IC4V-F75T-20


2.750 Inches long from gage line, CAT 40 Tapered Holder(Interloc Shank Style) with F75 Interloc connection.

Holder connects to any M75 Interloc connection

(View Specifications For More Details: Click Here).


Learn More About The Modular Interloc Connection: Click Here:


CAT 40 Holders can be balanced or have coolant thru capabilities please contact us for this option.
All products are brand new and never been used.

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