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Troy Industries “Great White” Modular Hollow Foam Cutter


Troy Ind. "Great White Modular Hollow Foam Cutters

Are Prefect For CNC Milling & Manufacturing of:
Foundry Patterns (Lost Foam Casting Molds)

Troy Industries "Great White Hollow Foam Cutters Can Machine

Styrofoam, Polyurethane, & Soft Foam (Flexible Foamed Plastic):

Polystyrene (PS, XPS) up to 50 kg/m 3

Polyurethane (PU) up to 120 kg/m 3


Types of Syrofoam & Other Foam Materials:

EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) Foam Material
EPP (Expanded polypropylene) Foam Material
EPE (Expanded Polyethylene) Foam Material
EPO (Expanded Polyolefin) Foam Material
XPS (Extruded Polystyrene) Foam Material




Special Ion Heat Treat

(Up to 60+ HRC)

● Hollow Design Great for Suction Milling

● Dynamically Balanced & Concentric With Precision Cutting Accuracy

● High Helix, Multi-Flute, & Double Cutting Edge Design For Smoother Cuts

● Excellent Milling Surface Quality & Softer Cutting Noises

● Modular Design: Interchangeable Cutter Shanks & Tips

● Superior Strength & wear resistance For Long Lasting Tooling Life

● Harden with an additional special Ion Nitriding  (Up to 60+ HRC)

● Rigid & Strong Modular Design Built To Last

Modular design allowing the user to

interchange various holder types, shanks, & cutter heads.

Cutter Shanks & Cutter Heads

Available With or With Out Vacuum Holes

Cutter tips are available with a multi-flute design or a less fluted design if more vacuum suction is needed. 

Custom Cutter Tips, Shanks, & Holders Can Be Made By Request.

Cutter tips available in ball, flat, or corner radius designs. Custom tips available on request.

Dynamically Balanced

High Helix, Multi-Flute & Double Cutting Edge

100% America Made In Michigan


Introducing Troy Industries “Great White” Modular Hollow Foam Cutters a High Helix & Multi Flute design with hundreds of serrated teeth with a double cutting edge giving you a longer tooling life & better cutting performance than competitor cutters.


Troy Industries “Great White” Hollow Foam Cutters are design for suction milling for hollow spindles with a built in vacuum system in them but also can be used by machines with an external vacuum system as well.  All cutters are harden with an additional special Ion Nitriding process added to it for superior strength and wear resistance.  With perfect concentricity creating a softer cutting noise and combining the high helix, multi flute, & double cutting edge design these cutters will also leave excellent surface finishes.  In addition Troy Industries “Great White” Modular Hollow Foam Cutters are also modular allowing the user interchange various cutter shanks and tips.


Troy Ind. Great White Foam Cutter Surface Finish

Competitor Surface Finish

Being dynamically balanced & having a high helix design

Troy Industries Great White Foam Cutters leave

a better surface finish over competitor cutters.

All Troy Industries Lost Foam Tooling Used For Lost Foam Casting Are 100% American Made

Connect Directly To 78/8 Disc-Flange, CAT, or HSK Holders

4-Dust Collection Foam - ACCOMPO-1008IE_

External Suction Hollow Foam Cutter Shanks 

Modular hollow foam cutters shanks for machines having an external vacuum suction system. 

Cutters have a high helix design to drive foam into your vacuum system quicker and easier.

Slotted holes located on top of the shank where the external vacuum housing is placed over.

Available in various sizes contact us for more information.

“Great White” Modular Hollow Foam Cutter Videos

5-Axis Machining With Troy Industries Hollow Foam Cutter:

Troy Industries External Suction Hollow Foam Cutter

3-Axis Machining With Troy Industries Hollow Foam Cutter:

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