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Interloc Rigid Modular Tooling Photos & Videos


The Interloc Rigid System is designed for very long reach tooling to utilize maximum strength and rigidity when machining steel, aluminum, or other exotic materials.  With a triple contact on the machine spindle the Interloc Rigid System helps reduce the amount of wear on the machine spindle and strengthens your tooling. This triple contact also increases tooling life, feed rates, and depth of cut when machining. The Interloc Rigid System is also modular and allows you to interchange with various Interloc extensions, adapters, reducers, and cutters.

Troy Industries Interloc Rigid (Modular Flange Mount Tooling System) Pictures:

Troy Industries Inc. Interloc Rigid (Modular Flange Mount System) Videos: 

 Troy Industries Interloc Rigid Demonstration Video:

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